Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 14 - My Final Day

I still can't believe today is my final day here. Catherine and I had to get our long 29km run in this morning so that's what we did. We had mapped out a 6 mile route the other night that we were just going to repeat 3 times. We both finished our run but I have to be honest it was painful for me. I mentally wasn't into the run and my body was worn out from the week. I took my time and completed it but I know I will be much stronger with a couple days rest and I will be as good as new.


After my run I opted for stretch class. I was already stiffing up so it was great to spend 45 minutes on just stretching my whole body out.

After stretch class it was time for lunch.


Since Saturday's are only a 1/2 day Catherine, Daniel, Robert & I took a little trip to Zion National Park. It's about an hour away from Fitness Ridge so we had the afternoon to spend there. Here are a few pictures of the was absolutely beautiful.

We made it back just in time for dinner and graduation. A lot of people are leaving this week so we all got to say our goodbyes. They produced another video of a bunch different clips form over the week that we watched and it was a wonderful reminder of all the accomplishments that have been made by everyone here.

I know I'm going to miss this place and I know next week when I'm back at work in the office I will be thinking of all the guests at Fitness Ridge and saying to myself I should be in a cardio interval class right now. I'm exciting to get home and continue living this healthy lifestyle. I feel amazing and I'm so happy that I decided to do this for myself. I believe in myself more and know that I'm capable of great things if I put my mind to it.

My bags are packed and I'm ready to continue this journey at home. I have my test out tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. where I will get my results. Once thing I have learned here is the number on the scale doesn't matter.......what matters is how you feel and I feel amazing.

I have a long travel day tomorrow and I will be put to the test when I'm forced to make good food choices in the Vegas airport!

Thanks everyone for following me on this journey. I will post my results when I get back home so probably not until sometime Monday as I have a feeling I have some sleep to catch up on.

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