Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Time to get back on track

It's time for me to get back on track. I feel like my life has been in complete ciaos the last couple of weeks with gearing up for my trip and run in Chicago, to coming home to a crazy work week and getting sick on top of things.

Since returning home from Fitness Ridge on August 15th I have put a lot of effort into planning my weeks and being prepared. Ensuring I have healthly foods in the house so I can pack healthy lunches and snacks when I know I have to work late or have to run after work. I've felt amazing and so happy with the progress I've been able to make. The last 2 weeks however I feel like everything has I've worked so hard for has gone out with window. I've found myself falling back into old routines.

The week leading up to my marathon I was carb loading. I enjoyed every minute of it as I was eating lots of yummy food but as the week went on I stopped tracking my food. I know I needed to carb load to be prepared for my run but I wished I would have tracked what I was still putting into my body. I continued not to track as I travelled to Chicago. It was such an amazing weekend filled with a lot of eating out and not so healthy food choices. I was treating myself for all the hard work I had put into my running but my body was craving healthy choices.

Once home I was faced with a very busy work week and I was not prepared for it at all. We had not food in the house and since I was so busy I found myself skipping meals and eating late at night when I got home from an event. Those late night choices as well were not healthy choices. I ended up getting sick and frankly just worn out. I spent the past weekend resting and trying to get better. I didn't exercise at all last week because I needed to rest my body after running my marathon.

My plan for this week was not to beat myself up for my actions last week but to focus on today and get back on track. I've stocked my fridge with healthy foods and have made sure I'm tracking what I'm consuming and what I'm burning. I feel so much better when I'm getting the fuel my body requires and exercising regularly. My next running clinic doesn't start until January so until then I'm going to have to be accountable to myself to get out there and get my runs in on my own.

We all fall off track sometimes but we can't dwell on the past but focus on what we are going to do today to keep moving forward. For me I need to have some goals set so I've already got some new running races planed for 2011 that I can look forward to.


  1. Don't forget that life is not getting to the destination but the journey along the way. U turns and detours are allowed - feel proud for all you have accomplished - WOW!

    Inch by Inch Life's a Cinch
    Yard by Yard - Life is Hard

    Day by day girl - sounds like you got your 10 in now it's time to do the 90/10 again!

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